All About Pure Photoshop Actions

At Pure Actions we believe in showcasing the work of the photographer, rather than stifling it with overly heavy actions.

We are 2 moms, whose first love is photography. Pure Photoshop Actions grew organically while our Photography business grew. We were getting questions almost daily on our processing, and Photoshop tips and tricks. We decided to offer a webinar and showcase our post processing. While we prepared for our webinar we thought it would be nice to give those attendees in action form what we showed them and did in Photoshop. From there the response was more then we could have ever imagined. In August of 2010, Pure Photoshop Actions was born.

Our actions are light and refreshing and bring out the best in your image.

Our first set it an excellent production set.
It helps you get your image to a perfect, clean edit with helps forexposure and white balance. You can then build on that perfect foundation with color pops, haze actions and black and whites.

Once you've used Set 1, you'll have a beautiful image with a gentle style.

Want to go even further?

Try Pure Seasons!!

They are gentle color washes with seasonal influences.
They can bring out warmth and fun in your image and take them to a more artistic place.

Set 2 picks up where Set 1 left off. There are additional fixes for color casts and retouching helps for teeth whitening, etc. But then it really delves into more specialized color pops, background softening, and vintage colors. It compliments Set 1 perfectly.

Pure Black and White Set 1 has a black and white action for every occasion.
There are crisp, formal black and whites, gentle sepias and even a fun halftone in the mix. Some of the black and whites are faded and gentle, evoking the feeling of aged photographs. Some are completely classic with perfect contrast and clean blacks and whites. Some even use some fun grain to give the feeling of shooting film.
Whatever the feeling of your image, there is a black and white to compliment it.

We also have our favorite "one-click wonder", our Cross-Process action.

It is gentle and beautifying, without heavy color casts that usually characterize cross-process actions.

With all of our actions, you can fix simple issues, and enhance the innate beauty of your photography.

Pure Actions allow YOUR image to shine

We also leave all of the layers open so that you are in total control of your images.

All of our actions are BOTH Elements and Photoshop compatible, with the exception of the cross process which only works in Photoshop.

We didn't make these actions to be heavy actions. You can run actions more then once to get a stronger effect if that is
what you feel your picture calls for!! The possibilities are endless!