Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pure Actions

Woo hoo!!!! We have finally decided to launch our workflow as a set of Pure Actions!! We are super excited about sharing these with you and we hope that you find these in your normal workflow.

The Pure Action Pack 1 includes 20 actions. From sharpening for print, some fun hazy actions to color pops, to 2 black and white actions. It also includes some basic color fixes for images that are too warm, and too cool. It has actions to raise shadows and burn and dodge tools.

Here are some before and after images!! The possibilities are endless!! You can layer them on top of each other and have tons of fun with them!

The actions in the set are as follows

1) Soft and Sparkly baby -- an eye pop and skin smoothing action!!
2) come out of the shadows baby -- an action to lift the harsh shadows of a picture
3) Cool down that baby -- if your image is too warm use this!!
4) Lookin sharp baby -- print sharpening and a subtle but awesome action! It won't make your images look artifacty (is that a word hahaha)
5) Sunshine baby -- a dodge action
6) Turn out the lights baby -- a burning action
7) It doesn't matter if you're black or white -- a bw action that creates 3 different options to use as your final bw... with controls to get pieces from each snapshot if you want a little bit of each option.
8) bw baby -- a nice and basic bw
9) Brighten up that baby -- is your image a bit dark?? This will solve that problem!
10) Its all about the bling baby -- just adds a bit of "pop" to all of the edges of your picture
11) Hazy baby -- title says it all... adds a little hazy... :)
12) Hazy baby 2
13) Just pop it baby -- a nice gentle color pop action. Feel free to run it more then once, and paint back their skin if it is to harsh on their skin. It is a very gentle color pop and doesn't clog your blacks or make your colors go out of gamut!
14) Blue Bonnet baby -- a haze action
15) Fix all that red baby -- alot of newborns are red red red... this helps fix that!
16) Look at all that color baby -- another color pop. Use it in conjunction with just pop it baby for more color... :)
17) Brown sugar baby -- a nice vintage wash action.. that isn't to extreme!
18) Warm up that baby -- if your picture looks a little blue.. this will solve that. Run it as many times as needed!
19) Red Rover -- a haze action
20) Mellow Yellow -- a haze action

All the actions are adjustable to your taste. You will also receive a PDF file along with your actions, explaining each in detail and how to use each action!

Right now the actions are on sale for $50!!!!! Their normal price is $100, but for the next 2 weeks, we are offering a limited time discount. After that, the price will go to its normal price!!!

We have a Photoshop set that has been tested with all of the Creative Suite editions (CS-CS5), and we have an Elements pack that works with Elements and Photoshop 7.

Here are some before and afters!!!

You can see more... and also see people who already have the actions, and their before and afters on our Flickr page!





















Right now the actions are on sale for $50!!!!! Their normal price is $150, but for the next 2 weeks, we are offering a limited time discount. After that, the price will go to its normal price!!! Click the Buy now button, and you will be directed to paypal. We will email you the action set and PDF file within 24 hours of your purchase. Alot of times it is faster, but there are times we may be sleeping! :) lol

If you don't want it mailed to your paypal email address, please put in the paypal note, what email you would like your actions and PDF file sent to! If you enter nothing we will by default email your paypal email address.

Due to the nature of what is being sold, it is non refundable! We ask that you don't share these actions with your friends, but instead direct them to where you purchased them. We try to keep our action prices low, so that people can afford them, and to do that, we rely on your honest and integrity. :)

Have fun with them!!! You can layer them and get much stronger results if you run them multiple times and layer them on top of each other!

Here are a couple of examples of actions layed on top of other actions... :)




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