Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh yes, it's time.

A tilt-shift lens. So cool. So trendy. So stylish. SO expensive.

Well, how about saving a few bucks and hook yourself up with this fun action. You can get that wonderful tight focus on a small area with the amazing blurring of the edges.

It is a mask action, so just paint with a soft white brush along the areas you want to be blurred.

And here is the awesomeness. It is FREE to the first 100 downloads. And really, after that it is only $15. I mean...how much cheaper is that than a tilt-shift lens?? I know! It is such a bargain! You could even afford to get ALL our actions with the money you saved. Gosh...what a thrifty day!

Here is a quick tutorial on a few ways to use this action. Both with brushing and gradients. Check it out!!

This free download is now over, but we always like to have little surprises, so it's a great idea to fan us on Facebook.

If it is gone, then head on over to our site, Pure Photoshop Actions, and get the action for $15.


  1. Thank you so much for this, you are so generous to share!!

  2. Thanks! There is something on the download page that sent me to a random youtube video and started some script. May want to check that out.

  3. how awesome are you guys! and your customer service on it was lickety split in helping me since the download wasn't working (blame me- I just tried another browser - i am not too computer savy sometimes ;-)
    You all are AMAZING!!