Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hey, wanna be our friend?

We love friends. We love chatting.

Our blog is sort of slow, because...I guess we've been doing most of our chatting on Facebook. It's a quick way to have a fairly immediate conversation with our friends and customers. We have tutorials for our YouTube channel that we post there. (Click here for our YouTube channel.) We chat, we tell people about other blogs we are featured on or that are doing giveaways with our actions. And we chat. And chat. And chat. Oh and post pictures. And sometimes flat-out giveaways.

So I just thought I would mention that, so you could come over and check us out on Facebook, because it really is a ton of fun. Or so we think. (Don't burst our bubble if you don't think it is as fun as we do. ;) )

Our FANPAGE of FUN! (Click the know you want to.)

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