Saturday, February 12, 2011

Using Clipping Masks in Templates

We are so excited to have two template designs in our store currently. One is the set of 20 blogging templates (and 3 printable freebie storyboards) and the other is our highly-anticipated Black Damask Letter templates. Here's an example of how we've used them in the past. This FAMILY collage was printed at 10x20 and mounted on styrene then adhered to the wall with 3 mm strips of velcro.

Clients LOVE these unique ways to display multiple images from their session in a very cohesive wall display and YOU will love how simple they are to use. If you're interested in either of these template options, they are in our store. The Black Damask Letter template is currently on sale until Sunday (the 13th of Feb) for 20% off using the code TEMPLATE.

Using templates is a very quick and easy process, and below I am adding one of our tutorials on how to create clipping masks in Photoshop and Elements, so that you can see just how quick and easy it is.

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  1. I am so bummed. I just found you and love your stuff. I would love to score the love letter texture freebie!!! But its gone :( And I just adore the Damask Letters above as well. I missed that discount too. Will you run that special again? I can so see that on my walls!